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GSE Maintenance


Ground Handling CTA
Serving Customers Nationwide
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PrimeFlight GSE Maintenance is a leading provider of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance, fleet maintenance, and facility maintenance services with operations across the US. Operating at some of the country's busiest airports, we are dedicated to supporting the daily operational performance of airlines and service providers across our network. We can assist with a custom maintenance program, including: 

  • Motorized GSE Services
  • Non-Motorized GSE Services
  • Refurbishment Services
  • Facilities & Jet Bridges
  • Fleet Services
Supporting Maintenance Needs for a Wide Range of GSE
Motorized GSE Services
From Air Starts to GPUs and beyond
  • AC/Heater
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Start
  • Bag Tractor
  • Belt Loader
  • Bobtail
  • Cargo Loader
  • Cargo Tractor
  • Forklift
  • Fuel Cart
  • Golf Cart
  • GPU
  • High-speed Tractor
  • Hydrant Cart
  • Lav Cart
  • Lav Truck
  • Lift Platform
  • Lower Deck Loader
  • Main Deck Loader
  • Motorized Crew Stairs
  • Passenger Bus
  • Passenger Van
  • PCA Heater
  • Pushback Tractor
  • Stair Truck
  • Tanker
  • Tow Truck
  • Water Truck
Non-Motorized GSE Services
Maintaining vital support equipment
  • Air-stair
  • Axle Jack
  • Bag Cart
  • Cargo Cart
  • Cargo Dolly
  • Crew Stairs
  • RJ Stairs
  • Freight Cart
  • Fueling Cart
  • Fueling Stairs
  • Jet Bridge Adaptor
  • Passenger Stairs
  • Omni Platform
  • Slave Pallet
  • Snow Plow
  • Static Rack
  • Tail Stand
  • Test Weight
  • Towbar
  • Towbar Head
  • Trailer
  • Valet Car
Refurbishment Services
Bringing your equipment back to life
  • Branding & Decal Installation
  • Wraps
  • Fabrication & Welding
  • Full-service Paint
  • Hydraulic System Rebuild
  • In-Chassis Engine Rebuild
  • Powertrain Overhaul
  • Restorative Paint
  • Safety Appliques
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Zero-time Refurbishment
Facilities & Jet Bridges
Caring for your facilities
  • Apron Drive
  • Bridge Mounted GPU
  • Conveyor System
  • Flat Plate
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Jet Bridges
  • Pedestal
  • Power Turn Conveyors
  • Transport Belt
  • Building Maintenance
Fleet Services
Supporting a wide range of makes and models
  • A380 High lift
  • American LaFrance Condor
  • American LaFrance S-880
  • Cobus
  • Crane Carrier LE2-40
  • Ford F450
  • Ford F550
  • Ford F650
  • Ford F700
  • Ford F800 High Reach
  • FMC Deice Truck
  • Fueling Truck
  • Full Cabin B747
  • GGS Deice Truck
  • Hi GMC C6500
  • Lift Catering Truck
  • International 4000
  • International 4200
  • International 4300
  • International 4700
  • International Maxforce 5
  • Isuzu NRR
  • Isuzu NPV
  • Isuzu NQR
  • Mini-Van
  • Pick up
  • Premier Deice Truck
baggage services
A Team You Can Trust
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With hundreds of skilled technicians, we are focused on keeping your fleet working for you. Our team cares for almost 25,000 pieces of equipment on a regular basis, and through it all, we ensure exceptional service through quality assurance and customer feedback. 

With a strong background in the aviation industry, PrimeFlight GSE Maintenance's dedicated operational leadership team understands firsthand the challenges and importance of successfully running efficient airport maintenance programs and works diligently to meet those demands.

We have held ISO 9001:2008 certification in Minneapolis, MN since 2010, and our team continually works at not only maintaining but improving our standard of quality.

Cargo handling
ULD Repair Services
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PrimeFlight's ULD repair services team operates under a Part 145 certificate and is EASA certified, giving you confidence in our ability to repair, maintain and assemble:

  • Air cargo containers
  • Pallets
  • Nets
  • And any associated accessory equipment

By leveraging our PrimeFlight GSE Maintenance footprint, you can reduce shipping and lost time costs associated  with transporting equipment in need of repair. We can serve your needs where ever they are, guaranteeing the quality and airworthiness of your cargo equipment and assets,  so you can feel confident in your cargo getting to its final destination safely, every time.